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crowded into a room and the floor gave out. They plunged into a cellar
This is my web page mostly dedicated to beermaking. I have been making beer for seven years and I'm still learning. I have three vats and I produce and sell pure and natural beer (unheated and unfiltered, unlike grocery store beer.) Click here for more about Marc's Beer.

Q: What happened to this site?
A: No idea. Help me out here.

Q: Who the hell are you and what did you do with the beer?
A: No idea. Here's a clue.

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scooped some up in pots while others lapped it up in cupped hands. When news of the flood
For thine is the beer, the bitter, and the lager, forever and ever. Barmen.





They dance,
they sing,
they make life sweet!
Couldn't we all learn something from the inebriated?

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beneath rubble cried out for help. When the drinkers came to their senses they set out
3,555 barrels of ale in it and twenty-nine metal hoops wrapped around it. Then on October 16, one of the hoops, on one of the vats
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Ray.... the guy that sells me beer....
If you were born before %date-21*365-5 check rendezvous info here.

Underaged personnel and those prone to chunder should
know that I have been duly authorized by the FDA
to protect the kegs from intrusion by unauthorized
ball-cock valves.

I believe that punishing minors with shockingly
tasteless mass market brands is the best deterrent.
I am relentless, and I have absolutely no conscience
when it comes to executing my mission.

Make your decisions accordingly.